We are excited to present the finalists of the BMM 2019 Sa Re Ga Ma competition!

Watch them compete live at BMM2019 convention.

Glimpses of semi-final performances for our BMM2019 Sa Re Ga Ma 12 – 22 age group

Glimpses of semi-final performances for our BMM2019 Sa Re Ga Ma 22 and above age group

Watch what these legendary musicians and singers have to say about BMM 2019 Sa Re Ga Ma competition.

We are excited to host BMM2019 सा रे ग म competition to encourage talent and provide a platform to singers of light Marathi vocal music (Sugam Sangeet). 

We hope you all will participate with great enthusiasm.

General Rules, Eligibility, and Guidelines:

  1. The competition will be held in two age groups:  Youth (age 12 – 22), Adult (age 22 and above). The age admitted shall be as of July 11, 2019.
  2. Participation in this competition is discouraged from such people who are already established professional singers of repute.
  1. Participants are encouraged to be either member themselves or children of members of any local Marathi Mandal, however, mandal membership is not a requirement for this contest.
  1. The competition will be held in the following stages: 
    • Preliminary Round(s) will be conducted in a virtual environment where participants will submit their performance videos online in a manner prescribed by the BMM2019 competition organizers.  
    • Finals will be conducted at the BMM 2019 Convention in Dallas.
  2. The songs for all rounds shall be only in Marathi language (Sanskrit is not permissible). However, songs in old Marathi (such as Dnyaneshwari) or rural Marathi (such as a Powada, Lavani, village Lok-Geetetc) are acceptable. Songs can be from any source as long as they are in Marathi. All genres such as classical, light, folk, devotional, Natyasangeet, etc. are allowed.  
  3. First round and semi-final round can be performed on track music or live music or without any music. Live musicians will be provided by BMM2019 for the final round. 
  1. The entry fee per participant will be $35 and is nonrefundable. Entry fee of $35 is paid in the first round only. There are no additional BMM2019 Sa re ga ma entry fees for semi-final or final round. 

Please read the additional terms and conditions on the link below before submitting your entry