Guest of Honor


Mr. Govind Nadkarni serves as Chief Executive Officer for Govind Development, LLC, offering an extensive background spanning over forty (40) years and has been charged with design and engineering of numerous projects involving public and private industry, as well as institutional facilities. Govind Nadkarni has also created family owned businesses and manages multiple investments.



Empty nester or entrepreneur looking for guidance on investing in a franchise?

Franchise Coaches and experienced franchise owners help answer questions like:

  • How to select and buy a franchise?
  • Do I trust the investment and sales projections from franchisors?
  • Do I have to stay involved in the day-to-day operation, or can I delegate that?
  • What scale do I have to achieve to get a reasonable steady income?

Sudeendra Prahaladhan
Franchise Owner
Batteries Plus Bulbs

C.C. Theophine Chamakala

C.C. Theophine Chamakala
Past Chairman and Board member at Greater Dallas Indo American Chamber of Commerce, Past Franchise Owner.
Burger King, El Chico Restaurant, Pizza Patron

Wealth Management

Trying to maximize return on personal assets in US & India?

Have wealth management and tax experts help you answer questions like:

  • What, beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds, can I invest in? REITs? Private commercial and residential investment companies?
  • Do I increase, decrease, rebalance or repatriate my investments Indian investments?
  • Am I really making money in India after exchange rate and interest rate fluctuations?
  • Are the headaches of FATCA, FBAR, KYC, etc. worth the return?

Angel Investing

Want to invest and contribute your expertise to exciting new startups as an Angel Investor, but not sure how?

Hear experienced early stage investors answer questions such as:

  • How do Angel Investing networks work & what level of investment and time is required to participate?
  • What are micro funds, and how can an individual investor get the benefits of both, angel investing and a VC?
  • What characteristics should a new venture display to attract funding from angels and VCs?

Mid-Career to Entrepreneur

Mid-career, but dreaming of starting your own venture?

Hear experienced entrepreneurs answer questions about the person side of investing, such as:

  • How much personal wealth should I invest, and when should I seek external funding?
  • How do I build a team when I am personally still not fully committed to a new venture?
  • How do you know when to persevere and when to cut your losses?

My Investments 2019 Schedule

7.30 AM 8.45 AM Breakfast
9.00 AM 9.10 AM Welcome Prayer & Introduction
9.15 AM 10.45 AM Franchise 101
10.45 AM 12.15 PM Wealth Management (India and USA)
12.15 PM 1.15 PM Lunch Break
1.15 PM 2.30 PM Angel Investment
2.30 PM 3.45 PM Mid-Career to Entrepreneurship
3.45 PM 4.00 PM Networking
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