MY INVESTMENTS 2019 – JULY 11, 2019


Investments and assets in India or US, don’t know how to manage


Desire to own a franchise but don’t know where to start


Have a stable job, but still have the itch to start your own venture?


Intrigued by the promise and excitement of Angel Investing, but unsure of how to go about it?

Then My Investments 2019 is the event we will plan to answer your questions via an exciting line up of speakers and panel members. Read on and check out the videos below to learn more.

Franchising 101

Hear from expert Franchising coaches about what to look for and more importantly, what to stay away from in the world of franchising. Then hear firsthand from a panel of franchisees about their experiences owning a franchise.

How to become an Angel Investor

You’ve been working and saving for many years. You also have some assets in India. You want real returns on your investments but want to think beyond just passive investing. Should you be an Angel Investor? Attend My Investments 2019 to learn how you can earn a return while at the same time actively contribute to a vibrant community of entrepreneurs.

Mid-career to Entrepreneurship

Learn how other entrepreneurs managed their personal and financial issues while making the mid-career transition from a stable job to the uncertainty and excitement of an entrepreneurial venture. Check out this video to learn more.

US India Rules and Regulations

FBAR, FATCA, KYC, etc. keeping you up at night (figuratively and literally)?? Join us in our Wealth Management Panel at My Investments 2019 to get clarity on how to balance manage your US and overseas assets in the face of regulatory requirements, practical difficulties, and across generations.

My Investments 2019 Schedule

MI 2019 Timeline

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