Passionate about dance? Watch these videos legendary dance gurus. We are sure you will get some inspiration from these to submit your entries.


Dancing!! It not onlcomes naturally to you, but you and your friends have a passion for it. Your group has been performing at most utsavs and community events. We bet you always wanted an opportunity to show your art to a much larger audience. This is your chance to win an opportunity to perform at BMM2019 in Dallas! 


General Rules, Eligibility, and Guidelines:

  1. The competition will be held in two age categories:  (The age admitted shall be as of July 11, 2019)
    •  Age less than 15 years 
    • Age 15 years and above
  1. Each team shall have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 15 participants.
  1. The Categories that can be considered for the dance performance can be any of the below. 
    • Regional folk
    • Fusion
    • Marathi film or non-film songs
    • Instrumental music
    • Classical 
    • For all the above categories, if the song has lyrics, they should be Marathi lyrics. 
  2. There will be two rounds in this competition, Preliminary and Final. 
  1. Preliminary round:
    • Preliminary round is a digital entry round using audition video that needs to be submitted with the online entry form.
    • The audition video should include the participating team members only.
    • The video should be a new video created for the BMM2019 entry.
    • The video should be created with a plain/clear background and good lighting such that the dancers are clearly visible in the video.
    • The video should be created without stage sets, stage make-up or any special dancecostumes
    • The video should be taken within last 3 months of the entry submission.
    • The video should be a wide-angle video taken with a single camera that shows the full team’s performance. 
  2. The entry fee per participating team is $50 and is nonrefundable.
  3. Only one entry is allowed per participating team.
  1. Final rounds will be conducted at the time of BMM2019 convention. 
  1. All finalists performing at BMM2019 will have to be registered for BMM2019 as attendees and bear their convention registration, travel and accommodation costs to participate in the Finals. 
  1. For the selected team’s eligibility for the finals, the replacement of any participant may be permitted only if the original participant had purchased the BMM2019 registration but was unable to attend the convention due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  1. If selected for finals, the finalist teams should perform the same dance that was performed in the audition video and with the same participants as in the submitted video. 
  1. For the finals, the teams are expected to perform their dance on stage at the BMM2019 convention with stage make-up, costumes, and props (if any). However, it should not require any special stage arrangement or extra time for prop setup and breakdown per performance. 
  2. A participant can be only in one group dance team.
  3. For both rounds, props up to 12 inches in height are allowed. Free-standing props are not allowed.  Following are not permitted – Smoke, water, fire, knives, swords, scenery props, confetti, and glitter. 
  4. All participants in a team must be from one age category. Participants from 2 different age categories defined above cannot perform in one group dance team entry.
  5. The judging will be primarily based on the following criteria:
    • Choreography: creativity, originality, complexity, suitable to the concept and lyrics, age-appropriate dance
    • Technique: spectrum of movements, perfection, seamless transition from one step to another, facial expressions, synchronization
    • Performance: team – energy, enthusiasm, rapport, audience appeal
    • Musicality: coordination with rhythm and music, reaction to music, song choice
    • For the final round, Costume: age appropriate, creativity, authenticity


How to enter the contest:

  1. Participating team must enter the contest through BMM2019’s Group dance entry forms. See entry form links at the end of this page. 
  2. Select the appropriate entry form based on age category:
    1. Less than 15 years
    2. 15 years and above
  3. After clicking the link for the entry form, you will be directed to the BMM2019 competitions via application  
    • If you are a new user of the application, please create a new user account after clicking the entry form link at the bottom of this page. You can then create your entry in the submittable application.  
    • If you are an existing user of, you can use your submittable user id and password to access your submissions history, drafts and new entry forms.
  4. The entry form is to be filled by a primary contact who represents the team. Primary contact can be the participant (if 18 years or older) or an adult (18 years or older) entering the information and accepting the terms and conditions on behalf of the team. If Primary contact is a participant, he/she will also need to enter his/her name as a participant.
  5. The address and phone number entered should be the primary contact’s address (same as payment card address). 
  6. The participating team should upload the video for Group dance entry in any of the following formats – mp4, AVI, 3GP, WebM, MKV, MOV, MPG, FLV, WMV, M4V with maximum size of 400 MB. 
  7. Digital entry video should be minimum of 3 minutes to a maximum of 5 minutes in length.
  8. The participants should upload their dance video with no commentary or information that provides their details within that video file. Dance school name and personal information will be part of the entry form fields but should not be within the video file in any format. 
  9. The entry form and video cannot be updated or canceled once submitted.
  10. Participants will need to provide the required information, upload the video and make the full payment via submittable application in order to submit the entry. Participants have the option to “Save as Draft” to save partially entered forms.
  11. Participants will be required to complete all the information and submit the form before the entry deadline to complete the entry process. Your entry will be considered complete only after all the required fields are entered, the digital videos have been uploaded and the entry fee has been paid.
  12. Participants will receive a confirmation of the submission and payment receipt of their entry fee on the email provided in the entry form.
  13. Participants can log in to the submittable application to view their submissions.
  14. The final day to submit entries is January 31, 2019
  15. Finalists will be selected at the beginning of 2019 

Please read the additional terms and conditions on the link below before submitting your entry.