We are in the process of reviewing and judging the entries and will have more updates soon.

Hindustani classical music is an integral part of our heritage and a tradition that has been around for centuries. Many of you have the talent and spend countless hours practicing and cherishing this divine form of music. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in Hindustani classical music amongst all age groups. We applaud your commitment to preserve and nurture our heritage.

For the first time, BMM2019 convention in Dallas will host Wah Ustad, a Hindustani classical vocal competition for youth and adults. 

We hope you participate in this and share your talent with the BMM audience. We also ask the teachers to encourage their students to participate in this competition.

General Rules and Eligibility

  1. The competition will be held in two age groups:  Youth (age 12 – 22), Adult (age 22 and above). The age admitted shall be as of July 11, 2019.   
  1. Participation in this competition is discouraged for established professional singers.
  1. For the preliminary rounds, participants can choose Ragas from the following list of Ragas: BhairavAhir BhairavJounpuriAlhaiyya Bilawal, Miyan Ki TodiGujari Todi, Lalit, Shuddha Sarang,  BrindavaniSarang, BhimpalasMadhuvanti, Multani, Shree, Marawa, Puriya DhanashreeYamanBhoop, Kedar, Bihag, Maru BihagMalkauns, Miya ki Malhar, Lalat, Jog, Bageshri or Rageshree.
  1. The competition will be held in following stages: 
    • Preliminary Rounds will be conducted as digital entry rounds using audition videos that need to be submitted with the online entry form. 
    • An intermediate round may be held live in a virtual environment or at a Physical location in the U.S. 
    • Final rounds will be conducted at the time of BMM2019 convention. All finalists will have to be registered for BMM2019 as attendees and bear their convention registration, travel and accommodation costs to be eligible for Finals. 
  2. Rules for the audition video:
    • Preliminary round video can include use of taanpura/taal machine, apps or live accompaniment. Participant will bear any costs for the accompaniment/music for preliminary rounds. 
    • The video should be a new video created for the BMM2019 entry. 
    • The digital video entries for the preliminary round can be maximum 5 minutes in length.
    • The video should be created with good lighting and sound and the singer should be clearly visible in the video.   
    • The entry fee per participant will be $35 and is nonrefundable. 
    • Only one entry is allowed per participant. 
    • The final day to submit entries for preliminary round is 31 January 2019.
  3. For the final rounds, singing will need to be with live accompanists only.   Appropriate live musician accompaniment will be provided by BMM2019. If finalists have their own accompanists, all the accompanists will also have to be registered for BMM 2019 as attendees and bear their convention registration, travel and accommodation costs in order to participate in the finals.  
  4. If selected for next rounds, Raga presented in previous round should not be repeated in any future round. For the advanced rounds, each participant will be required to present one short Khayal and a drut bandish/composition.

How to enter the contest

  1. Participant must enter the contest through BMM2019 Wah Ustad entry form. See entry form links at the end of this page.  
  1. Select the appropriate entry form based on age category.
    • Age 12-22
    • Age 22 and above
  2. After clicking the link for entry form, you will be directed to the BMM2019 competitions via application. 
  3. New users must create a new user account for after the clicking the entry form link. One can choose the option to save (remember) your submittable user id and password to auto-login the next time. Once logged into submittable, the entry form can be filled.  
  1. Existing users can user their submittable user id and password to access their submissions history, drafts and new entry forms.
  1. Primary contact must be 18 years or older. Participants below 18 years must have an adult primary contact. If particpant is 18 years or older, Primary contact and particpant can be the same name.
  1. The address and phone number entered should be primary contact’s address (same as payment card address). In addition, participants should provide their city and state/province name.
  1. The participants should upload video for Wah Ustad entry in any of the following formats – mp4, AVI, 3GP, WebM, MKV, MOV, MPG, FLV, WMV, M4V with maximum size 400 MB.  
  1. The participants should only upload their singing video with no commentary or information that provides their details within that video file. Teacher or music school’s name and personal information will be part of the entry form fields but should not be within the video file in any format.
  1. The entry form and video cannot be updated or cancelled once submitted. 
  1. Participants will need to provide the required information, upload the video and make the full payment via submittable application in order to submit the entry. Participants have the option to “Save as Draft” to save partially entered forms. Participants will be required to complete all the information and submit the form before the entry deadline to complete the entry process. 
  1. Participants will receive a confirmation of their submission and payment receipt of their entry fee on the email id provided in the entry form.
  1. Participant can login to the submittable application to view their submissions.

Please read the additional terms and conditions on the link below before submitting your entry.