Programming Proposal FAQ

1. How do I submit a proposal?

a. Please submit your proposal online at for aspiring artists and at for professionals.

b. This is a two-step process. Everyone interested in submitting a proposal will be directed to login/register on the website as a first step. Please note that this is not the same as registering for the convention and will not require any payment. Once you have completed the registration and logged in to the website, you can complete the proposal submission process. 

2. How should we categorize a program as व्यावसायिक (professional) or हौशी (aspiring artists)?

a. व्यावसायिक (professional) - If the program is created on a commercial basis, or if any of the participants in your program are professionals, it may be categorized as व्यावसायिक (professional).

b. हौशी (aspiring) - If your program is not created on a commercial basis, and if all the participants are performing in it as their hobby, it may be categorized as हौशी (aspiring).

c. We understand that there may be overlaps. You may choose the category that you feel is appropriate for your program. However, your program will be judged for selection based on the category you have chosen.

3. What is final date to submit the proposal for BMM program?

a. The final date to submit the proposal for BMM 2019 is 15th September 2018.

4. When will I receive an acknowledgment from BMM2019 if the proposal I have submitted was received?

a. You will be notified immediately via an automated email response upon successful submission. We encourage you to check your SPAM or promotions folder. If you don’t receive it, please contact us via email at [email protected]

5. Is there any additional information that we need to provide after the RFP is submitted?

a. Yes, additional information may be required before the selection is finalized.

6. When would we know if our program is selected?

a. You will be notified of the decision by 31st December 2018.

7. Will BMM sponsor the visa for the artist(s) from India?

a. After the program proposal in the professional category is accepted for the convention, BMM2019 will work with the cast and crew of the program to apply for performance visas. Appropriate paperwork and associated documentation will have to be provided by you to get the performance visa.

8. Is there a remuneration for हौशी (aspiring) programs?

a. There may be some remuneration offered for the entire production. But it is at the sole discretion of the Programming committee and BMM 2019, based on what they see as an appropriate amount. Any visa (if required), travel and convention registration costs are to be borne by the participants.

9. What should be the maximum duration of the program?

a. The time for any single program should not exceed 90 minutes. (Some exceptions may be made for certain programs e. g. 2 Act Play)

10. Can we seek a sponsor for our program by ourselves?

a. Definitely. Program merits would be the primary criteria for selection but getting your own sponsor can help offset your costs related to the program. In order to obtain such sponsorship, if any input is needed, the BMM2019 Programming team will help on a case by case basis.

11. Is there any team size limit for the groups to perform?

a. There is no team size limit. The BMM2019 Programming Committee will decide based on the proposals received innovative ideas and program merit.

12. Whom do I contact if I have additional questions about my proposal?

a. You may send an email to [email protected]