Programming Proposal Guidelines - हौशी कलाकारांसाठी

Program Guidelines for BMM2019

Following are the instructions to assist you in filling out the program details form.  Please read the entire document carefully and comply with all provided instructions. Last Date of Submission: 15-Sep-2018

  1. Type of Program: The primary language of the program should be Marathi.  The type of program could be any one of the following categories.
    1. Drama: E.g. One Act, Two Act, Musical, Street Play
    2. Music: (by individual or group): E.g. Classical, Devotional (Bhajan, Kirtan etc.), Folk,Light/Bhavgeet, Fusion, Group Singing, instrumental music, Band, Jugalbandi
    3. Dance: E.g. Classical, Fusion, Folk, Bollywood, Flash mob dance, or other dance forms
    4. Variety: E.g. Interviews, Standup Comedy, Kavya Vachan, Katha Kathan, Workshops (Saree Draping, Fashion, Henna, Makeup), Demonstrations, Hypnotism, Short Films (Max 30 mins) (Digital Media should be submitted).
    5. Educational: E.g. Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Health and Wellness, Food and Nutrition, Culinary Skills, Other
  2. Provide qualitative details of the program.
    1. Program Concept: Please elaborate on your program concept. Although not a selection criterion, if applicable, please include how it relates to the slogan of the convention “सूर गुंजतीअभिनवतेचेफुलवित नाते परंपरेचे”. 
    2. Program Merit: Please elaborate on Creativity, Entertainment Value, Uniqueness, Popularity, previous performance, and any other merit that makes your program suitable for the convention.
  3. Duration: As we anticipate a large program line-up, it is mandatory that you plan and complete your event within the prescribed time interval. It is very important that you specify the duration of set-up and take-down time for the program. Thus, your proposal should include ALL three
    1. Setup Time
    2. Program Time
    3. Take-down Time

The maximum Program Time for any single program should not exceed 90 minutes.  (Some exceptions may be made for certain programs e. g. 2 Act Play)

  1. Target Audience:  Tell us whether this program is targeted to either one or a combination of the following four categories: Kids\Youth\Adults\Seniors
  2. Number of Participants: Participant number should include both the front and backstage artistes with a separate count for each. Kindly specify the number of adults and children as well. (Please note that all participants need to be registered for the convention.)
  3. Estimated Production Expense: Specify estimated production cost of this program which may include costumes, rehearsal room rentals or property. Please note that the Estimate of production expense is required to understand the scale of operation.
    (Convention committee does not guarantee to pay all or any part of the Production cost, honorarium/compensation or any other payment in Consideration of performance.  Any visa (if required), travel and convention registration costs are to be borne by the participants.)
  4. Program Related Material: For proper evaluation, it is necessary to submit additional material relevant for your program such as synopsis, script, presentation material, video recording, music tracks and review of the previous performances (if any) in its entirety. We may request additional material/details if necessary after initial review by our selection committee. The proposals selected for the convention will be asked to submit promotional material such as videos, photographs, fliers etc. by January 2019 to be used in the marketing campaigns.
  5. Key Production Team: Please let us know the key members of your production team. These could be Producer, Director, Writer, Choreographer, Music Director/Arranger, Key Performers and Key Back Stage Coordinators (if applicable) along with their experience in the field.
  6. Audio/Visual/Stage/Green Room Requirements: Following list of items is a suggestion. If you have any other needs not mentioned below, please include them as well:

Requirements for:

  • Channel Mixers, Microphones (types and number)
  • Monitors etc.
  • Video Screen requirements/recorded video backgrounds.
  • Projectors, any special audio/video requirements.
  • Lighting needs.
  • Green Rooms needed.
  • Minimum stage area needed special stage setup, stage risers, stage property needs, number of stage wings, backstage needs and curtains.
  • Recorded music – whether your program has recorded music

This information helps us to better coordinate with our Audio/Visual, Stage Setup and Back Stage teams.

  1. Key Contact Person for Correspondence: We need ONE contact person that we will correspond with regarding program review and follow-up. Please provide Name, phone no and email contact information. 


Please contact [email protected] for any questions.

Some key dates to note:

Deadline to submit Proposals and material  15-Sep-2018

Communicate decision to programming groups  30-Dec-2018

Send Promotional Material to BMM 2019  31-Jan-2019

Send Participant list and proof of registration 28-Feb-2019