Please watch these videos from renowned artists about this exhibition. Some of you may have learned from these well known artists.

If you have been selected and have registered for the convention, your entry is confirmed for exhibit.
If you have been selected but not yet registered for the convention, please register before end of April to get confirmed for the exhibit.
If you are a participant and have not received the email, please check your junk email folder for an email from submittable application.

We have many great artists in the Marathi community. At the BMM2019 convention, we plan to provide artists a platform to showcase their talent and a channel to build interaction among visual artists with similar interests. We are proud to announce, रंग माझा वेगळा – a Juried Art Exhibition for the very first time at a BMM convention. We hope you all will participate with great enthusiasm and submit your best art.


General Rules, Eligibility and Guidelines:

  1. The minimum age to participate is 12 years as of July 11, 2019. 
  1. Participants can be professionals or amateur artists. 
  1. The juried selection will be conducted in following stages: 
    • Participants shall submit digital entries with photos of their artwork via the BMM2019 entry form.  (see entry form links at the end of the page).  
    • A jury will select artwork from the digital entries. 
    • The selected artwork will be eligible for exhibition at the BMM2019 convention in Dallas provided the artists register for the convention as attendees. The artists will need to bear their own convention registration, travel and accommodation costs to participate in the exhibition. Bringing the selected artwork to the exhibition will be participant’s responsibility.
  2. The deadline to submit entries is March 31 2019.


Rules for Entry Submission:

  1. Participants can submit their best 2-dimensional art on any topic and provide an appropriate caption for each artwork.
  1. The artwork can use mixed or single media as oil, water, acrylic, and charcoal. The dimensions of the artwork should be under 4 ft.
  1. The judging will be primarily based on (but not limited to): Subject, Caption, Presentation, Skill over the media, and Creative aspect.
  1. Participants will need to take photographs of their art and submit the photographs in the entry form. Only digital entries will be used for the selection process. 
  1. Only one photograph of the artwork can be submitted in an entry form.
  1. Participants can submit up to 3 art entries. Participants will need to fill and submit the form separately for each entry. 
  1. Entry fee for 1 art submission is $20.
  1. If more than 3 entries are submitted by the same participant, the additional entries will not be included in the selection process. Fees paid for such submissions are non-refundable.
  1. Participant must be the owner and copyright holder of the submitted art entry.
  1. No part of the submitted art can reveal the name, address, watermark or any other information that can identify the participant.
  1. If selected for final exhibition, participant must bring the original artwork and not the photograph of the artwork.
  1. Photographs of artwork must meet the following specifications:
    • The file size of the photograph should not exceed 40MB.
    • All submissions must have creative captions. 
    • Uploaded photographs of art must be with the original pixel size (unless cropped) and close to true colors.
    • Original art shall not be digitally modified.
    • Art photographs must be uploaded in JPEG, TIFF, SVG or PNG format with high quality resolution. 


How to create the entry:

  1. Participants must enter the contest through BMM2019’s Art exhibition entry page (see link below for art entry form). After clicking the entry form link, you will be directed to the BMM2019 competitions via application. 
    • New users muscreate a new user account for after clicking the entry form link. One can choose the option to save (remember) your submittable user id and password so as to auto-login the next time.  Once logged into submittablethe entry form can be filled.
    • Existing users can use their submittable user id and password to access their submissions history, drafts and new entry forms.
  2. Primary contact must be 18 years or older. Participants below 18 years must have an adult primary contact. For others, primary contact and participant name can be the same.
  1. The address and phone number entered should be the primary contact’s address (same as payment card address). In addition, participants must provide their city and state/province name.
  1. Participants must provide their age.
  1. Participants must indicate if they are amateur or professional artists as part of the entry form details.
  1. Participants must provide the required information, upload the photograph/s and make the payment via submittable application to complete the submission. Participants have the option to “Save as Draft” to save partially entered forms. Participants must submit the form before the deadline to enter into the competition.
  1. The entry form and photos cannot be updated or cancelled once submitted.
  1. The entry fee is nonrefundable. 
  1. Participants will receive a confirmation of their submission and the payment receipt on the email id provided in the entry form.
  1. Participants can login to the submittable application to view their submissions.
  1. To submit more entries, participant can use the entry form link again.

Please read the additional terms and conditions on the link below before submitting your entry.